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We are so thankful for the many scientistas cooperate to bring our programs together

The challenge may be that technical women can focus too much attention to developing technical skill after technical skill. But as a Scientista, you have opportunities to teach others, lead virtual teams, or organizational leadership positions. The experiences that you can get in this sandbox will help you discover your leadership style and prepare you for opportunities ahead.

Build a Community Through Group Leadership

As a group leader, you will chooses formats and topics for meetings. You will draw on support from other volunteers. You will cultivate community through both the live meetings and the chapter pages and forums on this site.

Traditionally, group leaders meet on the first Friday afternoon of the month to coordinate.

Volunteer For an Essential Role

You may volunteer for a role that exercises a strength you already have or develops a new one. Our volunteer roles include:

  • Speaker and Panelist Manager. Find speakers or organize like panelists for a speaker event.

  • Book Club Manager. Organize a survey about which book will be the next selection and assemble prompt questions.

  • Membership and Engagement Manager. Our principle platform is Wix.

  • Platforms Manager.

Seek a Board Seat

You may seek a seat on the board of our 501c3 organization to ensure that it fulfills the mission.
The main role of the board is to vote on how membership dues and other funds are spent. The legal requirement is that the board meet twice per year with a quorum (4 out of 6 members). The board meets online (1 to 1.5 hours).

Resources for Leaders


As a 501c3 organization, our bylaws are visible to the public.

Microsoft Office 365 Environment

Thanks to a grant from Microsoft, our leaders and critical volunteers have access to an Office 365 environment. Online meetings are coordinated through Microsoft Teams.

Volunteer Hours

Volunteers and leaders are encouraged to log their hours in the Benevity, a platform used by many corporate donors

Update Your LinkedIn Profile

As a leader or volunteer, you may list the Data Scientista Society as employer or volunteer experience.


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