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 Welcome To The
Data Scientista Society

Who We Are

"We are a group of global data scientistas and their allies who advocate to build confidence through personal skill-building within a network of supporters." - LB

About us...

At the Data Scientista Society, we believe in empowering fellow women to take charge of their careers, rather than being subject to the whims of an imbalanced system.


Our platform is dedicated to providing opportunities for women to progress in their data science careers through a myriad of different avenues

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Don't miss out!

The official Data Scientista website will now be the go to for everything going on with the organization

Be a part of the transition with us to the official Data Scientista website and stay connected with our vibrant community

Join our community now to keep up with the latest updates, events, exclusive content, networking opportunities and much more!


Community Members

Supporting Members

All community membership perks

When you become a supporting member, you'll enjoy all the benefits of the previous tier, plus additional exclusive perks such as

Programs and Workshops

Access to educational programs and workshops to build skills in area of coding, efficient/effective data science process, project work, portfolio building, communication, presentation, time management, collaboration, and more

A Network of Welcoming Allies!

Access to networking & social opportunities with other data scientistas & allies

Exclusive Events and Workshops

exclusive members-only events and workshops

Forum Access!

Access to a private forum where Data Scientistas continue the conversation in a protected online space (post & answer questions, share blog articles, share perspectives on the monthly theme, and more)

Giving back to the community

You are giving back to this community with your donation


Volunteer opportunities that will expand your skill set and/or portfolio

Exclusive site access

Additional perks will be added over time as our community of supporters evolves

  • Participating Members

    Free Plan
  • Supporting Members

    Every year
    Valid for 2 years
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